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Can I Lose Weight With Cardio Only?

If you are on a mission to lose weight, any type of physical activity is desirable. Losing weight is a mixture of several elements, including physical activity, proper nutrition and discipline. Weight loss is usually achieved by consuming fewer calories than you spend. To successfully burn fat you need to create around 500 calorie deficit per day. You can create this deficit with lowering your food intake or increasing physical activity. So the [...]

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Avoid Cardio Exercise Errors

You in all probability know by now that using cardio machines such as the treadmill and the stationary bike is a great way to burn fat and build good heart health. Truth is, cardio training routines can also strengthen the opposite components of your body reminiscent of your lungs that in turn can result in decrease blood strain levels, lesser chance to undergo from a stroke and heart attack. Regular use of cardio [...]

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Strength Before Cardio?

Is it a good idea to do strength training and cardio in the same workout? And if so, which one should be done first? Well, you'll first need to look in the mirror and clearly distinguish whether your goal is to lose weight (fat) or build strength. If you're somewhere in between, then the specifics of this article are less important. But assuming your goal is either fat loss or building strength, you [...]

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The Amazing Cardio Myth – Why Cardio is Quite Possibly the Most Overrated Way to Lose Fat

Before I get any hate mail or any rants and raves from people calling me an idiot, let me clarify. Cardio does work to lose fat. That's obvious. Cardio is great for general health, heart health, and just getting you up off your butt. However, when it comes to losing fat quickly, especially for busy moms and dads, cardio workouts are very, very overrated. Is that sacrilegious for a personal trainer to say [...]

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Why You Should Use Medicine Balls in Your Cardio Workouts

Last time, we looked at how medicine balls could help you build a strong, rugged, and "ripped" midsection, and how they could be used with some basic, simple exercises, to create intense and athletic versions of those same movements to get you into better shape that much quicker. This time, we'll look at how to turn these into true cardio workouts, and how to create 'super exercises' that will accomplish as many as [...]

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Just How Important is Cardio?

After reading this interesting material, I hope you'll think differently about cardio training and try something new. It's not that I'm totally against cardio as part of your exercise routine, but is cardio training really what you need to get fit and healthy? If you continue reading, you'll soon realize that I'm not really against cardio as a form of exercise, I just believe that "traditional cardio" is not the most effective form [...]

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Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser – Is it Worth the Money?

If you are reading these lines you must be by now probably thinking on buying one of these new machines we see all the time in the TV spots: The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser. Well, we have news for you: Don't buy it yet! As with every exercising machine you can purchase there are pros and cons you MUST consider even before you take your hand to your wallet pocket. In this [...]

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How Often Can You Do Cardio?

When I say "cardio workout" you probably have an image of someone running on a treadmill, or some other piece of gym equipment like an elliptical machine, stair climber, rowing machine and the like. Each of these types of workouts will produce a cardiovascular benefit. But most people are doing these workouts because they think it will help them burn calories and lose weight. The cardiovascular benefit just happens to be a nice [...]

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Boost Your Fat Burning With a Progressive Cardio Training Plan

When going on a weight loss plan it's important that you don't just change your diet by restricting your calories or starving yourself by eating once or twice per day. In order to give yourself the best chance of melting away the body fat and keeping it off, you need to take on your body fat with a three-pronged attack. A proper fat burning program includes: Proper Nutrition Plan Effective Weight Training Program [...]

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What Are the Best Cardio Workouts to Burn Fat?

Everyone wants to look good and feel healthy. There are millions of people who try to lose fat, but most of them never achieve the success, that they hoped for. It is extremely difficult to lose fat permanently and every time you fail, you get more and more frustrated. Cardio is a very important part of fat loss and there is a lot of confusion about what are the best cardio workouts to [...]

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