Pilates fitness ring for sculpted thighs, arms, core and lower body

Want to continue your Pilates away from the studio/gym?

Get toned thighs, arms and body wherever, whenever with the Pilates Magic Circle. The fitness circle is a great for resistance training at home, traveling,or in the office. With the moderate, gentle resistance provided by this exercise ring, you can get controlled strength training anytime. Go on, firm up those inner and outer thighs, arms, core or lower body before the holiday partying begins.

Crafted from durable yet flexible materials for continued resistance exercise

Unlike inferior Pilates rings that lose their flexibility/tensity or become warped over time, our Pilates magic ring is one of the most durable thigh toning and resistance training tools that can help you achieve those enviable toned thighs and arms.

The thigh exercisers are crafted from heavy-duty materials such as fiberglass (added to reinforce the tensity of the Pilates ultra fit circle), NBR (nitrile rubber, very elastic yet tough) and EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate, extremely flexible and tensile). Ready to work towards a more toned and sculpted new you with the Pilates hoop yet?

Premium Pilates ring with easy-to-hold padded grips

Exercise equipment becomes rather useless if it’s not crafted to let people use it with ease. This Pilates ring features padded grips which make holding it with your hands or balancing between your thighs/calves secure.

Comes with a nylon carrying bag

With a nylon carrier bag, it’s easy to bring this thigh master wherever you go – so no excuse for slacking on your resistance workout when you’re traveling or on work trips. Moreover, the resistance circle is ultra-lightweight and almost flat, making it all the more convenient for you to put it into your car or pack it into your luggage bag.SCUPLT & TONE ARMS, LEGS, ABS & THIGHS – With just 10 minutes a day the Pilates fitness circle can help firm your upper body, arms, core, lower body, thighs and legs with moderate resistance for controlled muscle orientation
EASY-TO-USE NON-SLIP PADDED GRIPS: Unlike traditional fitness rings, our workout circle has padded grips both inside and outside the exercise ring to provide comfort, stability and versatility for a variety of Pilates exercises
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – Our fitness circle is lightweight and provides power resistance for the best home gym workout without feeling “mushy”, yet is small enough and light enough to bring along on your travels so you never miss a workout
DIMENSIONS: 15 x 1.4 inches (38 x 3.5 cm). Available in either black or blue. Includes nylon carrying bag
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We are committed to our customers and dedicated to providing quality products, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Pilates Ring, just reach out to us and we’ll be sure to take care of you.

Price: $18.80
(as of Nov 09,2019 07:32:26 UTC – Details)