Electrolyte Hydration by: BOOST Hydrate An active lifestyle, work, sports, and play can cause dehydration and fatigue. BOOST your body with an advanced patent pending electrolyte formula. Mix one stick with cold water whenever feeling the effects of dehydration. ELECTROLYTE CO-TRANSPORT TECHNOLOGY (ECT) IN ACTION: Based on science pioneered by the World Health Organization, Boost Hydrate’s award winning, patent pending Electrolyte Co-Transport Technology (ECT) uses a specific ratio of potassium, magnesium, sodium, and glucose to deliver water and other key nutrients directly to your bloodstream, hydrating you 3x faster and more efficiently than water alone. WHAT ARE ELECTROLYTES? We know electrolytes help us recover from dehydration, but most of us don’t know which are vital to keep our body functioning properly. We know salt, but here are more: Sodium (Na+) Chloride (Cl-) Potassium (K+) Magnesium (Mg++) The numbers matter, but most important is our patent pending formulation. It’s the perfected balance which is key to recovery! Our precise balance of water, electrolytes, and glucose (no more than what’s required to trigger absorption) coupled with a perfected taste will keep you at your best levels. Taste is everything when you’re feeling dehydrated or sick and is the difference between drinking it happily or spitting it up.Non-GMO Electrolyte Formula that mixes into 16oz of water for FAST Hydration with a BOOST. 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration, that means you are probably dehydrated right now. Even walking and breathing cause the body to lose water & can lead to dehydration.
Bulk Pack: 30 Sticks; The Best Patent Pending Electrolyte Formula made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients for rapid absorption. Electrolyte Co-Transport Technology allows us to use the minimum amount of glucose required by the body to trigger absorption, 3x the Electrolytes with 95% LESS SUGAR than the competition.
BOOST Hydrate is proven to rehydrate as effectively as an IV: ONE Product for every use which means it helps replace fluids and electrolytes lost when partying, hungover, traveler’s diarrhea, food poisoning, stomach flu, fever, diarrhea, extreme sports (cycling, snowboarding, hiking), spartan and ironman races, tough mudder races, marathons, and even just daily life!
Fast acting formula that makes you feel better and wholesome quickly; clean, simple, premium ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and 100% Vegan that tastes great!
SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED: Formulated by Doctors and Pharmacists; Provides 41mEq of Sodium per Liter, Perfectly Isotonic for optimal electrolyte hydration; better than salt tablets; works naturally with your body to help you FEEL BETTER FASTER and recover quicker

Price: $39.99 - $29.95
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