EMDROPS is Electrolyte Mineral Drops for Water* and Beverages. CONCENTRATED — TASTE ONLY AFTER DILUTING!

– Has Magnesium, Calcium & Potassium as highly absorbed** liquid electrolytes for great hydration and healthy functioning heart, bones, muscles, enzymes…

– Electrolytes promote rapid rehydration, enhance performance, and help to avoid foot / muscle / leg cramps***

– Use EMDROPS for adding essential electrolyte minerals to any purified or filtered water (reverse-osmosis, distilled, softened, bottled water, zerowater etc)

– 2-Pack makes up to 2400 servings (150 gallons!) of electrolyte water at 1 drop per cup. Save money compared to bottled mineral water, electrolyte-enhanced water, or smart water

– Not just for water! Add to tea, coffee, soup, kids’ beverages, sports drinks etc***

– A few drops taken regularly in water or beverages greatly improves intake of essential alkaline minerals (Cal-Mag-K)

– 1/2 teaspoon EMDROPS in a beverage provides 25% RDA of calcium and magnesium

– Free of calories, colors, sugars, preservatives etc. BPA-free bottle

– No need to refrigerate. Travels easy in pocket, purse or backpack

– Made in USA with high purity, USP quality ingredients; Invented by a scientist for his family!

– Take care of yourself and help others — 10% of net proceeds go to worthy causes****

– Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority — prompt refund if needed

*Improves hydration; Adds Natural MINERAL WATER TASTE to RO / Purified / Distilled Water. Unflavored i.e. free of artificial flavors. NO “berry-blast” here!
**Liquid electrolytes are better absorbed than tablets, capsules, powders or suspensions
***Hydration with electrolytes boosts mental, physical, and sports performance. Avoid electrolyte imbalance! Helps muscle / foot / leg cramps, spasms, tics; hangover etc
****Supported causes are Fluoride Action Network and Environmental Working GroupUNIQUE Super Healthy Preservative Free, No Sugar Electrolyte Drops for Drinking Water. Why? Read on!
Make Extra HYDRATING Electrolyte Mineral Water from Distilled Water, RO Filter Purified, Water Cooler etc
NOURISHING Liquid** Ionic Minerals Magnesium Calcium Potassium. Helps heart, bone, skin, keto diet etc
EASY TO USE Hydration Drops to Boost Tea, Coffee, Kids’ Juice, Soda Stream, Sports Drinks, Cocktails***
PURE & SIMPLE. ZERO Calories. NO Colors, Sweeteners, Sodium, Preservatives or Additives. BPA-free Bottle. Made in USA.

Price: $44.99
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