Simple At Home Test Reveals: Digestive Issues Can Be Remedied Without Prescription Medication Or Surgery

Here’s a shocking fact… 90% Of Acid Reflux Is Caused By Not Having Enough Stomach Acid

Most people believe that their acid reflux is caused by having too much acid.

That heartburn is caused not from having too much stomach acid… but rather from having too little of it.

Before I explain how acid reflux is caused from too little stomach acid, I want to ask you a quick question:

If you have seen a doctor about your heartburn… before prescribing you medication to reduce stomach acid, did he or she do a comprehensive test to measure your stomach’s levels of acidity?

If you’re reading this, my guess is probably not.

Dr. Wright, a holistic health practitioner from Lake Tahoe, has helped thousands of patients suffering from heartburn. He says that 90% of people who visited him for heartburn were never tested for stomach acid levels, misdiagnosed and wrongfully prescribed PPI’s and antacids.

Without the proper test, patients suffering from heartburn are often assumed to have too much stomach acid, and are wrongfully prescribed potentially dangerous drugs.

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