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The Safe Way to Return to Running Following Injury

Injury in any sport is frustrating but a running injury probably tops the lot. Even a week away from your routine is going to effect your performance and this leads to further irritation. Training whilst injured is tempting but we all know it's a no go. So what can you do? Sitting around with your feet up may be what your physician ordered but its very difficult for a runner to do. Here [...]

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3 Exercises to Train You to Run Faster

Prior to my swim coach certification, I am required to attend theory lesson regarding to fitness and health to qualify as a coach. From the course, I have learnt valuable information that has broadened my knowledge in sport aspect. My personal running time has surpassed my previous record due to the information that I have acquired during the course. So what are the ways to improve your running? Speed Training Speed training is [...]

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Jack LaLanne the “Godfather of Fitness” Didn’t Run Marathons

The god father of training Jack LaLanne never talked about running long distance or running marathons; never talked about a 400lb bench press, he trained with light weights and 1,000's of calisthenics and did tons of swimming and accomplished amazing feats. According to today's experts, training with high reps only build endurance, also can't figure out as soon as someone picks up a weight it is considered strength training, no matter how much [...]

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Fitness Equipment – How Often Should You Be Changing Your Running Shoes?

When most people think of workout "gear," it is relatively simple and straightforward. You need ... workout clothes, headphones, a music player, a water bottle and a pair of running shoes. Sounds simple enough right? When it comes to running shoes, though, you need to remember you need to get good quality shoes built for the type of activity you are doing. Plus you need to ensure you are changing your shoes often [...]

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How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Women and Men

How do I find the best running shoes? This is a question asked by millions of joggers. If you are an athletic person then you should know how important it is to find the right pair of sneakers that are just for you. The wrong pair of shoes on your feet can cause soreness and swelling, and this can be very painful. It doesn't matter if you if you are a beginner or [...]

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5K Basics: How to Run a Faster 5K – The Speed ​​Does Count!

Are you looking to find your true potential? Is your new goal running the 5k faster than your usual speed? Are you thinking about how to run a faster 5k? Getting your best out at a 5k is a challenge in itself since this distance requires you to pool in the endurance of a marathoner and the speed of a miler - a tricky combination to meet. A beginner at running will choose [...]

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How to Run Faster

If you don't run very fast during your practices, you won't be able to run very fast in races.When I trained seriously for marathon running, I thought that the runner who ran the most miles would be the best. I didn't become a great runner, but I did become an expert on injuries. My patients seldom come to me with a running injury that I haven't had. Many top runners run more than [...]

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5 Common Running Shoe Buying Mistakes

Running is a very effective cardio activity, but it is essential to wear the proper footwear to enjoy the healthy running routine. It is a great physical activity to burn calories, strengthen the joints, and benefit the heart. Let's take a look at a few of the common mistakes to avoid when buying running shoes: Don't simply buy for looks Many first time runners get too concerned with fashion and forget about the [...]

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Which is Better, Running on a Tread Mill Vs Running on Track

Many people wonder which is better or more effective, running on a tread mill vs running on track. The calories burned on tread mill will depend on a number of things, including the speed of the tread mill and the incline. Which form of exercise is best for you will depend on a number of things, including your fitness goals and your personal preferences.Running on a Tread Mill vs Running on TrackAdvantages to [...]

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Run Fu: Running Backs And The Four Minute Drill

The four-minute drill in football is different from the two-minute drill. While the two-minute drill is a pass happy with a purpose to preserve the time left on the clock, the four-minute drill's objective is to quickly use up the time left on the clock. The latter has a great need for a consistent yard gaining running back while the former has no need for that position at all. When I was a [...]

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